About Us

DigitalthingzHUT is a platform created to empower indie/freelance digital artists to create African inspired assets and make them available for download to a global market looking for unique and awesome original African inspired works. Be it 3d assets or 2d sprites, creatives can sell them on our platform and make passive income for their passion.

Founded by GBOSAMAN

Launched by Gbosaman in 2019, Our vision was to create a sustainable and stable environment for artists, allowing them to get paid for doing what they love, creating art and incentivizing them to deliver assets that are invaluable to users that need them.

The Future of DigitalthingzHUT

We believe that the platform’s future is to become the most widely used online resource for users that need unique assets inspired by African narratives created by artists who appreciate the culture. The role of DigitalthingzHUT is to give our community a trusted platform for making a living doing what they love, Creating art.

  • Affordable Asset Downloads

    Driven by community generosity and talent, the DigitalthingzHUT provides unique, free or affordably priced assets that save critical time and effort for creators.

  • Passive income for African digital artists

    Share your work files with the world on this platform and watch it make money for you.

  • A Talented Collection Of Vendors

    A place for talented digital artists from all over Africa who make their awesome works available for users and generate passive income from their works.

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